One Night Off

Rest is seriously underrated…ask my wife and I.

So …I recently wrote about how amazing it is that God doesn’t take days off.

My wife and I are not Him, though.

The past month or so has been pretty hectic to say the least. Both of us have been slammed at work, having to balance varying work schedules while getting the kids to and fro from everywhere. Add to that the heap of homework, projects, and extracurricular activities that both of our daughters are involved in. Then factor in that wifey and I are heavily involved in our local church…I mean, heavily.

Needless to say, we’ve been a bit tuckered out.

So, this past weekend, we managed to cram a brief moment of reprieve into our lives…by getting a room for the night.

This wasn’t a romantic getaway…though I will neither confirm nor deny that it got romantic at some point. This was for rest…plain and simple.

Excuse my improper English, but we slept SOOOOOOO GOOD that night.

For one night, we didn’t worry about work, kids, church, or the plethora of other items on our plate. We just did us…we laid around, laughed hysterically at corny jokes, watched “The Office”, and then drifted off to the most peaceful sleep we’d had in a good while.


Granted, it was pretty much back to reality the next day. And we’re still tired. But that one night off, as short-lived as it was, made a huge difference.

That’s pretty much it. No real deep insight or anything.

Well, actually…I will say this.

It’s cool to me that the God who needs no rest offers us rest…especially in the times that we need it most. And it doesn’t take much of His rest to make a world of difference.


Wifey and I are already planning for our next night off.